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The Benefits of Optimisation

The way products and services are advertised and sold is changing rapidly, both in New Zealand and around the world. Traditional sales and marketing involves pushing goods and services through advertisements in print media, radio and television. These advertisements essentially intrude into what the user really wants to do – which is to read the newspaper, listen to the radio program or watch television.

The Web is an entirely different sales medium.

On the Web, most visitors who search already need the services or products they are searching for. On a search engine like Google, they’re actually searching for a business like yours, that can provide the goods or services they are looking for. If your website has a high Google rank for search words that are important to your business, then those who are searching for these words will find your website.

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Moving Your Virtual Space

So you’re savvy with moving your office from one building to another – even from one city to another. In fact, you’re proud to say that you know what relocation is all about!

But wait – what about your website? That’s right, your online presence, your spot in cyberspace, your patch of alien green grass. You may well ask, “Well, what about it?” Here’s what: moving your virtual space can be every bit as daunting as moving your brick-and-mortar premises.

From transferring domain names to moving websites and email, things can quickly begin to resemble the Weber Brothers Circus if you aren’t forearmed with knowledge.

Before you can be forearmed, though, we need to clarify some fundamental concepts. “Fundamental concepts” sounds ominous, but we’ll keep it simple, I promise. If you already know all this, feel free to skip through to the juicy bits.

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Bulleted Lists - Multi-layered

Bulleted Lists: Multi-Layered Fudge

First published February 2005 in A List Apart [Issue 195] by Nandini Doreswamy from Helion.

Designing our company’s website in CSS was coming along nicely until I hit a roadblock. The challenge was to create two columns of bulleted lists in the flow of the text. The layout I had in mind was something like this:

Paragraph 1
Bulleted list | Bulleted list
Paragraph 2
Bulleted list | Bulleted list
Paragraph 3
Bulleted list | Bulleted list
…and so on

I tossed around some lists that worked fine in IE 6, but caused a headache in almost every other browser. Perhaps I could have smashed through the roadblock using horizontal lists. But I’ve always found it easier to float, so that’s what I did.

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